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Jarad Gallagher


Jarad Gallagher is a second-generation chef whose early introduction to cooking began with a profound interest in his father’s trade. He nurtured this curiosity by studying an endless procession of cookbooks and taking advantage of any opportunity to learn from professionals around him, though it was his Seattle roots which exposed him to the incredible way in which fishing, farming, hunting and foraging coalesce into remarkable food. This knowledge aided him in becoming an expert in selecting the finest products available, from an opulent assortment of the rarest ingredients around the world to local goods at the peak of their season. His immense appreciation for food’s social aspects, particularly its extraordinary ability to bring people together, has hugely impacted what he considers his purpose as a chef. With his cooking he strives to create a symphony of highs, lows, and middles that invokes emotion in guests and keeps them actively engaged in not just their meal, but their company as well. Integral to Gallagher’s success as a chef, as well as his passion for food’s social aspects, was his time spent in Europe employed at many of France and London’s most elite restaurants, where he began to view food as a representation of culture. In the past ten years, every restaurant Chef Gallagher has worked at has earned a Michelin star, including Michael Mina, One Market, and Plumed Horse. For seven years he has dedicated endless time and determination to continue the tradition of maintaining Michelin star standards at Chez TJ.