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Andrew Koehler

Sous Chef

Andrew Jeffrey Koehler was born and raised in San Jose California. As a child he loved spending time in his grandmothers kitchen, which unbeknownst to him at the time, defined his curiosity of the culinary arts.

Koehler studied Culinary Arts and Management at the Art Institute of Sunnyvale. During this period of his life, had the opportunity to stage at Le Bernadin and Eleven Madison Park in New York City. After the completion of his degrees, he traveled to Italy, France and Spain to further his education of fine dining and to experience the origins of modern French cuisine. For the past seven years Andrew Koehler has been working at Chez TJ under the tutelage of Chef Jarad Gallagher and has refined his repertoire of fine dining.

Koehler makes bi-weekly visits to the farmers market to search for the finest produce to include in the dégustation mondiale. He has a deep appreciation of the outdoors and a keen eye for edible delights found in nature.